Joseph R. Greschner Divorce Lawyer
Joseph R. Greschner Divorce Lawyer
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Call my office today to request a consultation to talk over your goals for divorce. We’ll discuss your finances, your children, your assets, your future, and together, we can develop a plan to work toward the changes you want for your life.

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Joseph R. Greschner, Attorney
Divorce Lawyer in St. Cloud Florida

Greschner Law handles all aspects of family law cases.


I am committed to looking out for what’s best for you and your future while making the process of divorce as easy as possible. I will work to help you gain the most fair and equitable results from your Divorce through mediation and/or litigation.

Parenting & Timesharing

My goal is to help you arrange favorable custody-timesharing. I understand the importance of fighting for custody of your minor child and I will be prepared to provide solutions for parents who want the best for their children. Call me today and let’s talk about your goals and concerns.

Child Support

Florida law recognizes that the best interests of children are served when both parents are involved in meeting their children’s emotional and financial needs. I will assist you in establishing fair and reasonable child support, putting the best interests of your children first.

Child Relocation

Florida law protects the rights of the noncustodial parent. Whether you are seeking the right to relocate or trying to prevent the other parent from relocating your child, I will defend your rights and always hold the children’s best interests as my priority.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

No one expects to divorce when they marry but you may want to protect yourself and your assets through these types of agreements. For help negotiating, drafting, or reviewing a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, schedule a consultation.


Whether you need to establish paternity in order to collect child support payments, to secure the right to see your children, or to resolve custody claims, we’ll work together to focus on your goals.

Modification of Trial Judgments

Life circumstances change and judgments can be modified when that happens. If there have been significant changes in your life or your former spouse’s, contact me to discuss your options for a modification of any existing judgment.

Same-Sex Families

Whether you are seeking a divorce or need help with any legal issue involving your children or your finances and assets, your family law matter will be handled with the respect and attention to detail that you deserve.

Contempt & Enforcement

When one party violates court orders, action for contempt may be presented. If your spouse has violated a court order or if you are accused of failing to comply with one, contact me immediately and I will put all my knowledge and experience at your service.

Domestic Violence

Protecting your safety during separation or divorce is one of my priorities. If you fear for your safety or the safety of your child, petitioning the court for a restraining order is an option to help keep you and your family safe. I am here to help protect your interests and your family, fighting for your rights and to guide you in every step of the process.


If you and your spouse can discuss arrangements, mediation is an option to save time, money, and stress when ending a marriage. I have managed thousands of mediations and will handle the process smoothly and in a timely manner. Call my office and let’s get started.

Joseph R. Greschner, Esq.

Joseph Greschner attended Barry University School of Law at night while working fulltime. After graduation, Joseph passed the Florida Bar Exam and handles family law as well as personal injury cases.

Joseph takes great pride in handling each client’s legal matters with personal care and concern. When you sign with Greschner Law, Joseph will share his cell phone number and email address. He will welcome every opportunity to work directly with you. Don’t be surprised if you call Greschner Law and Joseph picks up the phone himself!

Member of the Florida Bar, Osceola Bar, Orange County Bar, and Chamber of Commerce.

The process of divorce does not have to be stressful or contentious. I will work with you to focus on your goals while advising you on what’s realistic and in your best interest.

—Joseph Greschner

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